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Heard about the Subway Card? The card is a gift to the regular customers of the Subway. It is a reloadable card which can be used to get reward points and discounts at any Subway restaurant. The card can be obtained at any of a Subway restaurant in the United States.

Read on for all the information related to the Subcard.

What is the Subway Card?

This is one of the foremost questions that come into mind when the Subway Card is considered. The Subway Card is a special card issued for the loyal customers of Subway. If you usually walk in a Subway restaurant you can use the card to get special offers and discounts.

The card can be obtained at the store or through the online portal of the fast-food restaurant company. The gift card can also be termed as an incentive card for someone who is willing to become a member of the restaurant chain. If you regularly visit a Subway restaurant you can use the card to get the maximum benefits.

How to Register for a Subcard

  • To register for a Subcard you need to download the Subcard app from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Now you need to pick up a card which is in store then register it online.
  • Complete the activation form then conform activation by clicking on the link sent to the email you put while registration.

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How To Activate A Subway Card?

  • If you are willing to activate a Subway Card then you need to visit a Subway restaurant near you.
  • Next, you should reach the staff and ask them that you wish to purchase a card. Once you get the card you will have to perform the next step.
  • Again ask the staff there the process for Subway Card Activation.
  • Complete the procedure and your Subway Card would be activated for use. You can get started with enjoying the great features.
How to Get a SUBCARD


How to Get a SUBCARD

You can a SUBCARD for free! The individual just needs to participate in any of the Subway stores and ask them to provide you a Subcard. Or you can also get the card by using the SUBCARD App.

Difference Between a Subway Gift Card and Subway Card

People often mistake the Subway Gift Card with the Subway Card. Keep in mind that both are completely different. A Subway Card is reloadable while the Subway Gift Card is not reloadable. You can only use the gift card for one time. On the other hand, a Subway Card is something which can be reloaded whenever needed and can be used multiple times.


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