How to Use United Mileage plus Award Miles | How to Use United Mileage plus Award Miles

Looking for a guide to How to Use United Mileage plus Award Miles? Today must be a lucky day for you as here you can find everything related to the United Airlines Mileage Plus Program. United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the U.S. The mileage plus program is a frequent flyer program issued by the airline company.

Usually, individuals earn the award miles but are unable to redeem it. This sounds something scary as these expire in 18 months. Scroll down for a walkthrough of the Magazine Rewards Programs.

Magazine Rewards Program Features

  • The United Mileage plus Award Miles can be used to get your favorite magazine subscriptions.
  • The portal is backed by the MagsforMiles.
  • Users can select the magazines yet they are limited in quantity.

The MileagePlus magazine reward program packs Barron’s, Golf Digest, Real Simple, People, Time Sports, and Wine Spectator. There are magazines that are well suited for kids, youngsters as well as elderly people. Hence you are into a line of comfort with the reward redemption.

How to Use your United MileagePlus Award Miles Now

Step 1– In order to begin using your United Mileage Plus Award Miles now one needs to visit the MagsforMiles website []. You must sign in with Mileage Plus Number and password to continue.

Step 2– Once the webpage opens there will be the featured titles section there. Here you can Use your United Mileage Plus Award Miles.

Use your United Mileage Plus Award Miles

Step 3– Click on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to checkout by navigating to the ‘Checkout’ button on the top of the webpage.

MileagePlus Magazine Reward Program Additional Information

  • All magazine lovers would find the program interesting.
  • If you order for a magazine and somehow it gets sold out or gets out of trend then you will be offered with its substitute.
  • The waiting period for orders is at least 12 weeks. However, sometimes it just takes 6 weeks to get your magazine delivered.
  • There are some magazines that require a $2 payment along with Award Miles.
  • You can make the $2 payment using a credit card backed by American Express, Visa or MasterCard.

The individuals need to provide their personal and contact details in order to make use of the offer. Resale is not applicable to any of the magazine you purchase. For assistance, you can get in touch with the help team on 1-877-645-6807.


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